This page is about a project I've been working on "on'n'off" for the last 10 years easily.
The story is far from done but by getting drawings on paper, it has helped me develop and create more of the story.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

"The Flying Boy" - an establishing shot

  I had an idea about an early shot in the project. An establishing shot, to situate the boy in the city but also to show his capability of daydreaming.
 The shot zooms slowly in on the tree.

  It gets to a branch and we see a bird coming in landing on the branch.
  The camera continues the slow zoom as we watch the bird looking around chirping.
  After a short while the bird takes off and the camera continues slowly over the branch.
  We now see the boy sitting inside behind the window looking out at the birds.
 Suddenly there's a bang on the window from outside, we don't see at first what has happened but we see a sole feather falling towards the ground.
 It was a bird who had flown against the window. Now lying dead on the ground.

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